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THE STYLE OF NAILS ABOVE ARE LONG STILETTO. WHAT'S INCLUDED — 10 nails of your size— 12 adhesive tabs— Nail file— Cuticle Pusher— Alcohol Pad— Storage gift box— Nail Glue QUESTIONS?If you have questions about how to apply press on nails, remove press on nails or any other questions about press on nails, please feel free to get in touch with us! We'd love to help. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND. Every seller should use a nail measuring guide. You may want to mesaure your nails before placing your order or look at the NAIL SIZE CHART Here's the link. It is very important to ensure the perfect and correct fit for your claws.  STANDARD & NATURAL SIZES ARE:  LEFT: 8,4,3,6,0 RIGHT: 0,6,3,4,8, These are standard sizes included in each clawset, if you are satsfied with these mesaurements then your Clawset is already the perfect it for you. If you're unsure, no worries. Just check out the measuring chart attached.

The Luxury & Gold Clawset

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